Hello! My name is Thao (pronounced without the “h” like “Tao”). I am an abstract and impressionist painter in Seattle, WA and am originally from Northern Virginia, right outside of Washington DC. I moved to Seattle in 2017 for a position as an analyst performing quality control testing for a biotech company working in the realm of CAR T-cell therapy. It’s kind of odd having so many scientific terms in an artist’s bio, right?

Inside of my constantly overthinking mind, art and science have somehow learned to coexist. My artwork is a series of experiments in finding new ways to think about everything around me. Some pieces have clearly defined subject matters that are carefully planned out, others are a flurry of colors and movement chosen purely by emotion. My ultimate goal is to show the viewer that science is beautiful and that you don’t need a degree in it to understand and appreciate it. Through my work, I hope to create pieces that bring delight and curiosity to the viewer. This website is the record of my progress in working towards my goal. I love chatting about art and science, feel free to drop me a line!


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